Módulo 2 – Curso pós-graduado – VIH e Envelhecimento

Non-AIDS Defining Cancers Among HIV Infected People

Clinical Management of non-AIDS defining cancers

Autor: Prof. Doutor Vicente Estrada, MD PhD (Hospital Clínico San Carlos, Madrid, Spain)

Hodgkin lymphoma

Regarding HL, there is a 10-up to 20-fold increased risk in HIV-infected patients. Furthermore, the EBV is more frequently associated with HL in HIV-infected patients, as it is present in more than 80% of the patients.These patients tend to present more frequently with advanced-stage disease, B symptoms, and poor performance status, and the prognosis of patients who are well controlled HIV+ is similar to that of HIV negative patients.

Current guidelines recommend the ABVD chemotherapy scheme as first-line therapy and there is evidence that combining dose intense chemo-radiotherapy and ART is beneficial. The use of PET scan as a tool for the prediction of prognosis can be useful, with negative PET scan results being highly predictive of treatment response and progression-free survival in patients with HL and HIV infection6, 7. Similar to what has been described for lung cancer, having the HIV infection controlled with ART is associated with longer survival and longer disease-free survival.

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